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Try an Airwheel!

All trial rides are by appointment only, so please either contact us to book.

Welcome to the FUTURE of personal transportation!

Airwheels use the very latest gyro technology to keep you on the move!
Riding them is as simple as leaning in the direction you wish to travel.
Suitable for all ages, check out our model range to choose the one for you.

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An Airwheel is the must have gadget for getting around on, but you don’t have to be a gadget mad person or a technology freak to own one, they are an incredibly practical transportation device.

The Airwheel X3, X5 and X8 offer exciting single wheel, powered unicycle action.  They are ideal for those who love manoeuvrable machines that can carve the streets with ease.

The Airwheel Q1, Q3 and Q5 dual wheel unicycles (Or Dicycles to give them their official name) are easier to learn than the X series and tend to me a more comfortable experience.  They are suited to those who want to go places and travel some distance.

It can be difficult to decide which Airwheel model is best for you, this is exactly why we have set-up trial experiences.  You can book a visit to come and see us and try out the Airwheel range.  We start you on either the S3 or the amazing Airboard.  Once you have mastered the basics of the Airboard, we can get you up and riding either a Q series machine or an X series depending on your preferences.  Why not give us a call on 01604 211360 or email us to arrange your trial experience!