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The Airwheel Learning Experience

Here is an article sent to us by a recent customer…



Have you looked at the Airwheel products and thought “What a fantastic idea that is!” but you simply have no idea what the experience of owning or riding one is like? Well I fully understand how you feel.   It’s a new skill and a new experience riding an Airwheel and it’s one you can’t fully appreciate until you’ve actually tried it.

I felt exactly the same way prior to riding an Airwheel for the first time. It was something that appealed but I had no idea if I would be able to learn to ride one or not. You see the videos of people gliding along and it looks almost magical! They make everything look so easy, but surely riding along on a single wheel with nothing to hold onto is just utterly impossible for the average person and one more suited to professional circus folk?

Well after taking the plunge and ordering one, I spent the first 5 minutes thinking exactly that! How on earth could this be possible? But then it started to come together and I was moving along my hallway with only the occasional touch to a wall to steady myself.

Over the space of the next 30-60 minutes it was a surreal feeling to be able to learn this new skill, which initially appeared completely beyond reach. That feeling of transitioning between not being able to do something, to being able to do it is such an amazing feeling and is one that gets ever more rare as an adult. The euphoria of achievement alone was enough to confirm to me that my choice to purchase was a good one.

Over the following few weeks I continued to ride and practice and was able to move my skill level from simply being able to stay on the Airwheel, to being completely confident on it and it starting to feel like it was just the new normal way of getting around. One of the biggest progressions was practicing my turns and making them tighter and tighter. Within the space of probably 2-3 hours riding practice, I went from a turn radius of maybe 30m, down to being able to turn in the space of a single car width.


Further to this over the following months, I continued to push my own boundaries and learn new skills on the Airwheel, going off-road, riding backwards, riding up and down kerbs etc etc.

Now riding an Airwheel is no more taxing to my brain than walking and often a lot more fun!


I can think of nothing I have tried or learned as an adult that has offered such a feeling of achievement considering how impossible it looked at the beginning. I now realise that those first few weeks of learning and progressing my Airwheel skills were actually the best. It’s such a boost to your self-esteem and confidence to go from complete novice to actually quite capable and confident, all in such a short space of time!


Now I’m rarely without my Airwheel, it stays in the boot of the car when I travel and it’s never far from me when I’m at home. I look for reasons to Airwheel somewhere now rather than take the car.


If everyone goes through the same experience as me when learning to ride an Airwheel, then to use an over used saying… These Airwheels are the best thing since sliced bread!