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Airwheel X5 – Out of Stock

Airwheel X5 – The ‘Big Brother’

The X5 is great for students, teenagers, or any adult looking for an entry level AirWheel with the enhanced specs in terms of motor power and distance capabilities.

Maintaining the ultra light weight 9.8Kg, the X5 is durable and incredibly fun!

Reflects the Air Wheel responsiveness that we have become so well known for, with movement specific to the users lean. Forwards to go forwards, sideways to turn, and backwards to slowdown.

Free clip-on Stabilisers for Easy Learning!

The Airwheel X5 is the bigger brother to the X3, a 500w motor instead of the X3’s 400w motor means you have more power available when you need it.  For real world applications, this can be a distinct advantage if you plan to go off-road on your Airwheel.  Those bumps and ruts can be a real challenge and with the 500w motor, the Airwheel X5 is able to respond with greater accuracy and strength to the changing terrain as it rides across it.

The Airwheel X5 takes 1.5 hours to fully charge, this is a little longer than the X3, however the benefit in return is the increased range of the machine, typically being 7-9 miles.

The Airwheel X5 has a slightly wider body than the X3, but crucially it retains the same low weight of 9.8Kg so is very portable and easy to carry….of course that’s not really the point! You should allow the Airwheel to carry you!

As with all of the Airwheel X series models, the Airwheel X5 comes packaged with free stabilisers and a hand strap to aid you in learning to ride.  It is also supplied with a UK charger.


Airwheel X5 – Out of Stock

  • 500W Motor
  • 7-9 Mile Range
  • 12mph Top Speed
  • 9.8Kg
  • Waterproof
  • Charge Time – 1 Hour