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Refurbished AirBoard


Refurbished AirBoard

£399.00 £100.00

Refurbished AirBoard

We have a range of refurbished and ex-display Airwheel models available for purchase.

  • Graded A-D in condition
  • Grade A = Virtually as new condition with little or no signs of use, has been used for display only or returned in as new condition
  • Grade B = Has had very light use or displayed but slightly marked
  • Grade C = Shows signs of moderate/normal use
  • Grade D = Well used and is marked, scratched or cracked

All models will be thoroughly tested in our service centre to ensure they are mechanically sound.

A 3 month warranty is offered with all used/refurbished Airwheels

Once a grade of product is chosen, we are able to send images of the actual product prior to purchase so you can see exactly what you will receive.

We would recommend to contact us on 01604 211360 or to place an order.

£399.00 £100.00

20 in stock

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Airboard Extreme

Airboard Extreme allows you to go further, go bigger and go faster!

Building on the success of the original Airboard 1.0, we listened to all our customers who wanted a machine capable of going over rougher terrain and a machine with improved and updated features.

We present to you, the Airboard Extreme…. with bigger wheels, pneumatic, motorbike style tyres.  This allows the rider to cover a much more varied type of terrain than with the solid wheeled Airboard 1.0.

With bigger wheels, comes increased ground clearance also aiding the ability to go off-road.

But we didn’t stop there!…

The Airboard extreme has a bigger battery pack than the Airboard 1.0 meaning you can ride further and for longer.

The Extreme also has more powerful motors totalling 600watts!  (The Airboard 1.0 is 400watts).

We’ve also added more LED lighting so the Airboard extreme now has front AND rear effect lighting.

To top of the design of this amazing product, the bodywork of the Airboard Extreme is a carbon fibre effect and looks absolutely awesome.

Airboard Extreme


Airboard Extreme – Ride It Further!


  • 600w Motor
  • 170 Watt/hour battery pack
  • 10 Inch wheels with pneumatic tyres
  • 12-16 Mile range
  • Carbon Fibre Effect Finish
  • 12.5Kg
  • 2 hour recharge time
  • 22 Stone max weight limit
  • IP54 (Light splashes)



Airwheel Q3

The Ultimate AirWheel.

Q3 is quite simply the ultimate Airwheel. Top of all of the models, the Q3 is capable of almost 30 miles on a single battery charge! The commuters dream, Q3 is the full package. An incredibly powerful motor, large battery capacity and solid design, make the Q3 a no brainer for anyone looking for the best AirWheel has to offer.

The same intuitive technology that has made AirWheel the best selling self-balancing transportation device, packed into a twin wheeled stable piece of kit.

Airwheel Q3

£799.00 £399.00
  • 800W Motor
  • 24-28 Mile Range
  • 12mph Top Speed
  • 13Kg
  • Waterproof
  • Charge Time – 2 Hours

Airwheel Q1

The perfect entry-level Q Series Air Wheel.

Q1 is certainly not to be confused. It might be the entry level Q series Air Wheel, but the Q1 still boasts some fantastic features and capabilities.

The lightest twin wheel electric twin wheeled Air Wheel at 10.5Kg, the Q1 can achieve a fantastic 9-13 miles on a single battery charge.

Fantastic for all users, of all shapes, sizes and ages. The 2 wheels positioned next to each other, functioning as one, gives the user a much greater surface area on the ground and is therefore easier to ride.

Q1 is fun, practical and portable.

Airwheel Q1

£550.00 £399.00
  • 800W Motor
  • 9-13 Mile Range
  • 12mph Top Speed
  • 10.5Kg
  • Waterproof
  • Charge Time – 1.5 Hours

Airwheel X3

The perfect entry-level AirWheel.

X3 makes it simple to travel/commute and just have fun! Designed for enjoyment, great for first time AirWheel riders or younger ‘AirWheelers’. Set in waterproof housing, and featuring high-quality functioning and safety mechanics. X3 delivers responsive movement to the users lean. Forwards to go forwards, side to side to turn, and backwards to slowdown.

The same immersive technology that has made AirWheel the best selling solo wheel self balancing unicycle transportation device.

Free clip-on Stabilisers for Easy Learning!

Airwheel X3

  • 400 W Motor
  • 4-6 miles
  • 12 Mph speed
  • 9.8Kg Weight
  • Waterproof
  • Charge time 1 Hr